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15 Romantic ways to connect with your partner this Valentine's Day

15 Romantic ways to connect with your partner this Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s day apart or together and don’t know what to do? Here are 15 different ways to connect with your partner on this special day.

 Love is in the air, red hearts are decorated in malls, and thousands of flowers and bouquets are being prepared and sold! That most likely means - Valentine’s day is right around the corner or maybe it's today.

 Whether you're single, dating, in a relationship, or even married to someone, this is also the time of the year when you're trying to find the perfect gift for him or her.

 I honestly used to dread Valentine; other than when I was bitterly single, I had and still have a difficult time finding a gift for my boyfriend and planning what to do during this heart's day. Women are easy; it's always advertised but when it comes to men, other than new underwear, watches, or clothes, what else is there?

 We see movies like "Valentines Day" (if you're an avid fan of watching romantic genres) when everyone goes big or goes home, all those huge teddy bears, having sex for the first time/being intimate for the first time, sending roses, getting engaged. I mean, how do you try to keep it new every year? You have to brainstorm to think of something new, a new surprise, a new type of gift, a new planned event together.

 Even when we do focus on what to give our significant other, we also have to consider if these things can keep the spark going. If it can keep you both connected.

 But planning valentines day shouldn't be frustrating, and we're here to help you with that. We have 15 ways to help you reconnect with your partner this V-day.


#1: Turn off Digital noise

Turning Off Mobile Phone

No one wants to have a date with someone who’s on their phone the whole time!

Imagine someone using their phone during the entire date and paid no attention to you, or even when they did but would constantly check their phone. 

 Sad, right?

 We’re evolving in a world where technology is advancing more and more, and our attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. I mean, it’s already hard to keep our faces off of our phones.

 When you’re on a date, especially on Valentine’s day, you should really take a day off from using your phone and put it down. You can reply to those emails, text messages, and social media comments later or the next day! It won’t kill you to not reply right away.


#2: It’s never too late for surprises

Boyfriend Surprising Girlfriend

Most women probably would want to be surprised. Especially on big occasions, like anniversaries, V-day, and birthdays.

So it’s never too late to plan and do that surprise.

 Whether it’s a rose, chocolates, or even just surprising them at their workplace. You don’t have to do that grand romantic gesture (well unless you’re actually ready to start a life with them and propose).


#3: Couple Card games!

If you’re the type of couple who loves playing card and board games, then Life Sutra has the perfect couple card game for you.

 Even if you’ve been dating for a couple of months and married for a couple of years or maybe even days, they’ve got the product that you’re looking for. 

 If you’re currently dating and figuring out if you’re dating to marry, or if you want to know them a little bit more, then dating connect is the one for you! 

 Or Couple Connect card game for newlyweds, still trying to figure each other out and keeping the spark going especially in the first few weeks and months.

 Or what if you’re already married, and finding a way to spice things up? Then couple reconnect will be perfect for you!

 It’s not the typical card game of just answering questions, there are activities for you and your partner.

 Take it from me, I barely play card games but after trying the products with me and my boyfriend, we got closer. I have to admit though, we did cry and laugh and played games together. It made us closer, and we got to know each other better and the best part was because of that card game we shared a deeper connection.

Take it from me, when we first tried couple reconnect, my partner and I were a little skeptical because we were a little curious about the difference between this card game and the other similar card games. 

We started with a few cards because we wanted to slowly know each other and do different types of intimate actions. We really didn’t want to rush through all the cards, but even throughout the 2-5 first cards, we shared our answers really made us both cry and we even played at the arcade because it was a task from the card!

 Isn’t that already fun?! I mean, we acted like kids for a few hours and rid ourselves of responsibilities for a while.

#4: Cozy Snuggle for bookworms


If you’re the type of couple who loves books and haven’t done a book date, this is your time to do so! I mean with all the heart-shaped decorations around malls, and even on social media, you could both get comfy and share coffee by the cafe and exchange the books you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to read.

 This isn’t limited to just romantic books. 

 Choose a genre and exchange with your partner too!


#5: Waking up to pancakes and them!

 The most common romantic gesture. 

It’s a little old school, but it would be perfect for this day!

 If you’re the type of couple who doesn’t like going out on this day, you can definitely still be in your pajamas, and watch a movie while eating in bed.


#6: Video Calls with a Twist 

 Make sure that you're done with everything you need to do for the day and that you don't have any distractions when you're on this skype call!


You could set up dinner together and eat while you dine in front of the camera (you can even do a candlelit mood for the dinner!) or if you're not the type to do that, you could always watch a movie together!

 You get to stay indoors, wear your pajamas, be cozy and don't forget to hug a pillow while you both do a movie marathon together.


#7: Seductive surprise

 Let me tell you a secret.

I got the victoria secret’s secret seduction (sunkissed) perfume to surprise my boyfriend, and honestly, he started to feel excited. Other than the sound of your partner's voice especially when they’re using their seductive voice, the scent of perfumes can arouse someone.

Try to find something that's just right.

If you want to try a little extreme, then whip out your favorite lingerie and send your man that seductive surprise. I bet he’d love to rush home and spend time with you. If you know what I mean ;) 


#8: Memorable dinner

 Like what we see in most movies, candlelit dinners are always done during proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, and especially hearts day!

You could go outside and go to a restaurant, but if you want a more quiet and intimate evening you could definitely cook at home and celebrate v-day at home!


#9: Mesmerizing massage!

 It's okay to pamper yourself and your partner, especially when you're both working!


You got to schedule that couples spa and couple massage, and relax! But make sure to schedule in advance and be safe especially with the ongoing pandemic too! Make sure that the massage is safe and clean.


#10: Scavenger hunt competitions!

 Maybe make your own scavenger hunt! 

And no I don’t mean groceries! I mean finding treasures in different places!

 Although this does require time to prepare, it would be so awesome! You could even do this if you're planning to engage! Do fun things in arcades, maybe even a rage room, or surfing at the beach! There are so many possibilities!


#11: Envision a future together!

 "I see a future with you."

 Typically said in relationships. I bet you've thought or said it before or maybe with your boyfriend or girlfriend now.


But making a vision board together, and seeing if your future aligns with the plans that you both have would be awesome! Especially if you're artsy! Glue and silver dust on your skins and try to perfectly cut strips to design the board with.

 It's actually fun to do that! You get to imagine your future dream house, getaways, maybe even kids!


#12: Spontaneous adventures!

 Be spontaneous!

 I mean, it is okay to plan but go on a short getaway with them. At the beach, the mountains (not to sound and give serial killer vibes), or even your "spot"

 Like what Finn said to Jake in adventure time "home is where your heart is."


I know that sounds cliché, but it is true.

 Have you ever felt so calm, and safe with someone? That's what a home is. To feel secure, safe, and at peace.

 So go enjoy this day with the one you love and continue making memories with them.


#13: Let’s go old school!

 I honestly think this is one of the best gifts you could ever give to your girlfriend or boyfriend on valentines day!


 Because it's something personal and that sometimes it is hard to share your own feelings and emotions.

 You can literally pour out your feelings for them in a single letter, tell them how much they mean to you, and how much you love them.


Trust me, I have a stack of letters inside a small box. All the letters my friends from school, my sister and even weird short nonsense letters, I've kept them. Why? Because we love to reminisce. We love to keep things that we know would bring back memories, especially when that person poured their heart out to tell you how much of an impact you've had in their lives in a letter.


#14: Uniquely personal

 Find what he or she loves and try to find or make it! You know surprise them!

My boyfriend loves anime and star wars and honestly, it wasn't so easy to find the perfect gift, but I did try to make a mood jar. You know, the one where you write different things in different colors.

 You could follow the color code I did:

 Red - to tell him how much I love him

 Blue - when he's feeling down and he could read something reassuring

 Yellow - something that would make him laugh

 Pink -  imaginations about our future


#15: Love at first dates!


It sounds cliche, but it also feels good to reminisce about your firsts.

 The first dates, first kisses, first hugs, and even the first valentine's date.

 Even if you'd been together for years already, this is one activity you could do to remember when you start falling in love with each other. 

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