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Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Spending quality time with your partner is essential in every relationship.

Scheduling long-distance dates are one method of maintaining a good relationship while living apart. And, no, frequent phone chats do not qualify as a date or meeting. 

Instead, we’re talking about setting up a particular time to see each other online and participate in exciting, creative things together, just as you would on a real date would. It is a moment for you to check in with each other, be completely present, and feel the other person’s energy.

It can get quite lonely when you can’t meet up with the one you love, but a literal thank you to the internet. We no longer need to wait for the mail or a phone call from our loved ones; we can just click a button and see them across the screen.

With that all said, here are a few ideas you could begin with…


With the increase of platforms that are available online to watch and binge movies together (like Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube movies, and the likes), we get to not only watch our favorite shows but share and spend time with our partners after a busy day.

You could do a regularly scheduled movie date every week or every two weeks.

I used to do a movie date night every week with my boyfriend on Saturdays; not only did we schedule it, we even had a mini list of what movies to watch together. Any genre is open. We ended up watching horror films (to which until this very day still scares me), romantic movies, and blockbuster movies.

When we finished one movie, we’d tick it off our list when we finished one movie and either plan or randomly choose a movie on the next movie date night. 

You can mix and match your and their favorite movies; it’s another way to get to know more about each other and see their reaction towards the movie, especially when they love and enjoy it.


Oh, wouldn’t a gamer love this! When they’ve finally found a gamer girlfriend or gamer boyfriend who can play with them.

Gaming nights would be so epic and so different!

I mean, you’d get to either team up in games or have a face-off trying to find each other in the map, tagging or protecting the base.

I used to play with my boyfriend and with the guys on the weekends or after work hours. It was thrilling and exciting to play with people, and not only did I get to spend time with him, but I also got to know the community he was in, the people with whom he socialized, and the best part was I gained friends too.

I understand that some girls would dislike their boyfriends (and the other way around) if they played with the opposite sex, but you really could try and play the game your partner is playing.

Maybe you’d end up liking it! ❤


The best thing about having the dating connect cards is that it isn’t only for married couples; it’s also for couples who have entered committed relationships, and even single ones!

They stay true to their product descriptions too!

Using this card game helps you across all stages of the relationship you are in, from discovering what you want to identifying red flags in initial dates to committing and saying “I do."

Wouldn’t you love that?!

You’d get to know your partner intimately find out whether or not they match the goals and values you have! And the best thing about this is that a licensed psychologist made the questions.


Take out your gear (I’m talking about your face mask, your rubbing alcohol, your phone, and your headphones) because it’s time to take them on a stroll to the closest mall or your secret spot.

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t imply that your sole resources are those found in the four walls of your room or home.

You may take a long drive, stroll around the park or towards your favorite hidden location or perhaps your favorite café, and then have dinner together.

Taking the virtual date to a new level by displaying landscapes that you don’t get to see every day, as well as allowing you to experience traveling with your significant other and planning dates at cafés that you’d come across along the way.


Before the epidemic, most of us (mainly students) went to cafés or the library to study. While technology continues to advance, continuing to study inside is still an option, and at the same time, we get to study with other people through group calls on Zoom and Discord.

The feeling of watching other individuals studying encourages you to put in the effort as well.

I understand that studying with someone might cause difficulty for you, especially when you get distracted easily and want to gossip. However, there are other ways to obtain study effectively with a partner. 

You both could listen to music and play it in your background (now I’m talking about classical music, not the typical songs we listen to right now), or have the option to set a timer for both of you to have your breaks together while turning off the microphone.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to study 4 hours straight with your partner; you can use the Pomodoro technique.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to study with us to keep us motivated to study a certain number of hours.


By far, the best and the sweetest date ever is - falling asleep together. 

I mean, think about it. You both had a long day and want to talk to your partner about it until you both fall asleep.

I get that it’s not the same as having them lying beside you, but it is the next best thing. Especially when you know, you will wake up seeing each other with your bed head and drool (kidding).

But as cliche as this may sound, isn’t it amazing to wake up and enter a new day with the same person you spent time with before you fell asleep?

P.S. Just make sure that your phones or gadgets aren’t too near you, as some people might have migraines due to the radiation from the screens, plus keep them charged, especially when you need it the next day.


Isn’t it great to have a long-term goal with the person you can see a future with? Like traveling to Paris on valentines day, or going to Tokyo during the Spring season for their sakura trees (especially if they love anime).

The world is your oyster; travel, enjoy and take a little piece of it with you to your next trips.  

Imagine that Instagrammable picture with your loved one!

But you have to remember, traveling together is kind of like living together. So when you do it, you will get to know the person more. Now I’m not just saying,” what their name was supposed to be” or  “what majors did they use to take?” It will be more about handling stressful situations, with the hotel room, the tour, and everything.

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