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Netflix-and-Chill Upgraded

Netflix-and-Chill Upgraded

The most memorable dates are undoubtedly those that you recall after a busy day or week. But aren’t you tired of the usual Netflix-and-Chill, or same old candlelight dinners? Are you looking for a hack to spice up your date nights despite being at home? Whether it’s a first date, a long-awaited date, or your anniversary date, we’ve got you covered!

Why don’t we start with... 


We can all agree that girls/women find it challenging to decide on something, whether food or places to go. The first thing you could start is to figure out what kind of indoor date you want to do together.

It could range from something simple to something extravagant. I don’t think there would be an in-between. Keep reading. I’m about to give you a set of date ideas to write about!.



Who doesn’t love game nights?! I mean, we used to love playing games as a kid; whoever said we no longer are allowed to play games while being an adult? Make a night out of it! Be your childish selves, tell ghost stories, surprise tickles, light candles, play games, or better yet, build a fort and do all this! You could even turn on that Xbox and challenge each other to a friendly multiplayer match.

 Or, if you want something classier (in case you don’t want to wake your kids or neighbors), you could grab a bottle of wine or some chips and colas, set out a chessboard, scrabble, Uno or Jenga and challenge each other to a bet. Maybe the one who loses gets to mark the other one with lipstick, or you could make it spicier 😉



No matter how long you've been in a relationship or how long you've been together, there's always something interesting to talk about with your partner. It's relatively easy to feel as if we already know there is to know about our significant other or partners.

 Still, games like this help us learn more about each other and ourselves while opening new topics that we don’t use in daily conversations. It could be your pet peeves, your current goals, or even as simple as your favorite colors. Pretty much taking a break from stress-induced topics, like a project to be submitted or trouble in the workplace.

        Don’t know what game to start with? There are fun questionnaires online; you could even make your questions if you want to or save yourself the trouble and get a game like couple connect


A little picnic, a movie set, and cuddling under the stars have got to be the most romantic indoor date ever! I mean spending time with your favorite person under the star-filled sky, taking a sip of wine, and enjoying a light picnic or even snacking on chocolate and popcorn while watching a movie!

 But you gotta make sure that the weather is warm enough, but if it's too cold to stay out, you can enjoy a fresh cup of chocolate by the window or the porch or even hold a picnic in the living room with a blanket or a quilt on the floor. Make the best out of the situation despite the weather.



Instead of the usual cooking routines, challenge each other to a cook-off! Like what you see in tv series, you could choose a specific dish or use a particular ingredient to use for an appetizer, dessert, or even the main dish.

 Whether it's a recipe, you found on Tiktok, making your own Christmas house through biscuits and pastries, or a recipe you've always wanted to try. Being competitive in your relationship can be a game-changer. It can spice things up and strengthen your bonds.

 You could also do a theme-inspired cooking challenge, like making pizza or pasta, experimenting with sushi, or making a secret taco and nachos sauce recipe.



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 

Having breakfast in bed is the most common gesture that you see in movies! I think we’ve always wanted to try it too, so why not do that!  

It would feel like you’re at a hotel ringing in-room service while still staying in bed; I mean, that would be awesome! You could feed each other but be careful of *cue Monica Geller* -- crummies.



It is your moment~ This is the day~ Yes, it is precisely at that moment, and on that day, you must do a karaoke date night!

 Grab a drink or a soda and some chips, since karaoke is one of the most exciting indoor dates you can go on! Don't hold back; gather your friends together and sing your hearts out to all your favorite songs on YouTube karaoke versions.

            You're probably going to disrupt your neighbors, but this type of date only happens once in a while; you could ask them to join in and enjoy the fun!



It’s the season to start redecorating a part of your house or just layout an old fabric and be as expressive and creative as you can be.

 You can either make it a competition and divide the wall or the fabric into two (2) and start painting or plan a particular color theme for the wall to give it a fresher look. The paint has already dried up throughout the years.

 It doesn't mean that you might spill paint on your partner; just be careful not to aim near the eyes or the mouth.



Health + exercise is the healthiest kind of date! Especially for those working from home or a busy scheduled job, getting that 30 minutes to an hour exercise can go a long way.

Although it is rather lonely to exercise alone, exercising on a date with your partner can keep you distracted from the time you’re spending while sweating out.

 No, I don’t mean the nasty. I’m talking about core exercises or yoga poses that you both could try to support the body weight of the other person. It does add up with the motivation to live a healthier life by following a routine.

There’s more to dates than just Netflix and chill; you just have to test the waters with your partner. Be experimental, and be open to surprises. You’ll never know you might love them!

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