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The Ultimate Father's Day Gifts for Dad 2022

The Ultimate Father's Day Gifts for Dad 2022

You know better than to trust or believe your father when he says he doesn't want anything special for Father's Day. 

We get it! It’s difficult to come up with a unique Father's Day present year after year. A dazzling new computer device/ computer piece, a stockpile of feel-good grooming items, or outdoor grilling, fishing, and golfing equipment are typically safe bets. 

If you've ever asked your father what he wants for Father's Day, the answer is almost always "nothing." As much as we adore them, dads are incredibly tricky to shop for, leading us to resort to the infamous and impersonal gift card. And let's not even talk about husbands. Finding a Father's Day present from a wife, son, or daughter may be the most difficult of all!

If you’re having a hard time finding a gift or thinking of how to surprise him with a unique Father’s Day present this year, then you’re in luck! We’re here to help you out.

#7: The ALL IN ONE tool kit

I bet your dad has a garage with a set of tools just scattered in different boxes, and it gets harder and harder to find what he’s looking for, especially when mom wants the sink or bathroom faucet to be fixed immediately.

This would definitely be the best tool for your dad!

It can help him with that quick fix, and not having to drag all the tool kits and boxes on the floor just to find the right screwdriver or even hammer.

Let me just share this funny story with you!

My mom would always find something my dad had to fix in the house, and at one point my mom hid my dad’s tools because he just left them EVERYWHERE. So when my mom asked him to keep his tools back inside the box, he had started looking everywhere and got frustrated and kept scratching his head. Eventually, my mom gave it back and gave him snacks and told him to arrange his things so it’s easier to find, but as always when you’re someone who fixes things around the house, its just a little hard to organize tools because you’d end up pulling the one from the lowest part of the kit.

#6: New favorite cup for coffee!

I bet your dad is just using different cups from different events for his morning cup of coffee, just like my dad. 

So this year, why don’t we get them a personalized cup that’s just for them?

You know with labels like “best dad ever” “the silent farter” “the ultimate superhero” etc. so they can show it off at work too.

I gave my dad an insulated tumbler last year, and although dad’s aren’t as expressive as mom’s my dad brought his tumbler everywhere and showed it off to his co-workers and told them it was from me. Although it was just a small gift for me, it was something my dad just needed and wanted. 

If you notice, your dad will most likely keep using the things you give them even if it’s not as functioning or clean as it used to be.

#5: A new phone with your family portrait as a wallpaper

Although it’s quite expensive, if you think it’s time to buy your dad a new phone because his screen is just cracked, his phone case is already faded, or his home screen or lock button is no longer working.

You could definitely buy him a new phone, with your family picture as his wallpaper, and set his phone to apps he’d want instead of him downloading and figuring things out.

#4: DIY pizza maker!

If your dad loves to cook and loves pizza, then this would be an amazing gift just for him. Although he would probably make pizzas every night for dinner, or for breakfast.

You could even make a personalized pizza with him for game nights, or use it to serve your mom and dad during their date nights. I mean, that would honestly be amazing!

Plus it’s not only a one time use, so you can keep having these bonding moments with him.

#3: His favorite collectibles

Dads are also kids by heart!

I bet you’ve seen movies where some dad’s would have car collectibles, or even collectibles about superheroes in movies, mainly because before they became a dad they were also young adults and teens.

I had a friend whose dad owns a car shop and when we got into his office he had so many different collectibles about different cars that were in glass cases.

#2: Fatigue away~

Schedule a spa day with him and mom!

A weekend getaway would definitely take all that stress away, and the fatigue from working and doing the house chores.

Our parents have always prioritized our health more than theirs and as they grow old their bodies are more prone to fatigue and get tired easily. So have this father’s day a day or weekend to go to a spa and get that rest and relaxation that they always needed.

#1: The best card game ever!

You read that right!

But this isn’t just any card game, like uno or any other games like twister. This is a card game for your dad and your mom. 

Over the many years of “fathers days” our parents often forget to take care of each other because they’re too focused on their children, or even if you’ve just gotten married and finding the right gift for your husband this card game is probably the best gift you could get!

Life Sutra has the best card game for you! They have Couple Connect for couples who’ve just gotten married and spending the first few years of father’s day together, or if you’re the kind of couple who has been together for years they have Couple Reconnect!

My boyfriend and I had just recently gotten engaged, and Couple Connect has really given my relationship the intimate connection that we both needed! It has gotten us closer and more focused on our goals and dreams for our future. It has successfully made us push past the paranoid and overthinking stage in our relationship.



Rekindle the spark in your relationship

It's not uncommon for partners to be disconnected from each other over the years.

You may even start to wonder if your partner is really aware of how you feel about certain things.

Improve communication and intimacy with Couple Reconnect, an exclusively designed card game for couples who have been together for 10+ years. Play with your partner and get lost in a fun conversation lead by the cards. Also, talk more about important life areas while having fun finding out what makes your relationship work.


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