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Top LGBTQ Pride Gift Ideas 2022

Top LGBTQ Pride Gift Ideas 2022

In 1978, artist and activist Gilbert Baker brought the rainbow Pride flag to the world, and it has since become a symbol of the gay liberation struggle and the LGBTQ+ community.

Although, parades and festivals celebrating the LGBTQ+ community are not held every day, which is why the month of June is dedicated to all things pride 🏳️‍🌈

Nowadays, the flag motif can be found on just about everything—from apparel to socks, to pins and accessories, to cookie cakes and Pride photo shoots.

While Pride Month may not be a traditional gift-giving occasion, the charity brands and LGBTQ-owned companies in our collection may just give you a reason to shop—each item supports a cause or group that promotes equality.

There's nothing wrong with showering your friends or yourself with rainbow flags, but there are plenty of other pride-ready items to give as well, like pronoun pins and gorgeous jewelry.

So how would you celebrate LGBTQ+ month?

Buying gifts? Going to parties? Hanging a rainbow flag? Attending a parade?

Or if you’re the type to snuggle in with your partner and binge-watch LGBTQ+ movies or have a book date with books written by LGBTQ+ authors.

If you’re still having difficulty choosing what to do or what to give, then fear not, we are here to help!

Gift Idea #1: Lights Camera Action

Yes, you read that right! Get your favorite pride month flag and wear your stylish outfits, get ready to pose! Make those memories last by booking a professional picture shoot with your spouse, family, and friends, or just you.

The best gift is to give someone a memory in the form of a photo, for them to look at and reminisce about because every photo tells a story, and it’s the best way to share with future children and grandchildren.

I mean, it’s also a perfect housewarming gift or even a house decoration. Imagine it! A friend comes into your house, and sees that picture! It’s a great conversation starter too!

Gift Idea #2: Dear Journal~

Are you feeling stressed? A little too much when it comes to overthinking? Maybe imagining different kinds of scenarios?

If you know someone like this, or maybe you’re like this (don’t worry I’m like this too), then I bet this would be the best thing for you! I mean, welcome to the club! Make your journal your best friend!

Although I get that when a notebook is toooo pretty it feels like it’s a waste to write on it, but you could journal your thoughts or your trips, write epic stories, maybe if you’re a singer or a musical person then you could write a song or even make it into an album, or if you’re into drawing and painting then I bet you could create colorful (possibly unfinished) art.

Gift Idea #3: Rainbow Cake!

Rainbows are pretty to look at, aren’t they? What if each color also has a different flavor?

I bet there are a lot of bakers this month who are definitely willing to make that fun-induced flavorful cake. Not only can you taste the rainbow you can also eat this and have a party with your friends, or if you’re one to cook then there are a lot of pride heart and pride colored cake recipes online! I mean you could even do a fun challenge with friends with a lot of chocolate chips and sprinkle toppings on different colored layers.

I remember two years ago, my mom got an order for a pride party near my house, and they requested a rainbow cake. That was my very first time seeing a colorful cake, and since I was helping out in the kitchen, we were able to make 2 cakes, one for the party and the other for the family. It tasted weird yet good! I mean the soft taste of berries and chocolate and bananas with an ice cream scoop and sprinkles. Oh how I do miss it, and I really should stop before I get you hungry.

Gift Idea #4: Figuring if they’re the one!

I know that sometimes, it does get hard for people in the community to find someone who’s right for them, or that they often have a hard time opening up about themselves, or even finding topics that you could talk about.

When you’re young and dating, it gets difficult to start conversations that would show their intentions, which is why I’d love to recommend dating connect.

I sent it to one of my friends for pride month and the first thing they told me was “why are there so many cards?” no really, that’s what they said, but the best part was when they started using it with the person they were dating, they had the most intimate night ever! Like intimate intimate!

Gift Idea #5: DIY Pride Care Package

When you’ve got so many ideas for your friends, family, or for you then a DIY Pride Care package is the way to go.

You could put everything in one box! 

Think about it! You could start with rainbow-themed pins, or pronouns pins because you can never go wrong with the classic customized bag pin that highlights pride month, they could put in their backpacks and jackets. You could even go for a rainbow holographic sticker.

I just love looking at those especially when the sun is hitting just the right angle and it shines giving off a mini rainbow.

How about accessories? Everyone loves good bling! I’ve seen a lot of rainbow-colored rings, and even a heart pendant too that you could add to your outfit of the day or even eye-catching sunglasses for the parade.

Oh, how about a big cloth that they could wear with paint so they could design it to bring to the parade or hang inside the house!

Gift Idea #6: Daily dose of morning coffee

How do you like your coffee? Dark? Light? A little sweet? Or a little strong?

Imagine giving someone, or yourself a pride-themed mug for your coffee in the morning! I mean I’m not even a morning person but seeing a rainbow on my mug or something that makes me feel good, would definitely make me more motivated and have a kickstart with a smile on my face ready to face the day. 

No matter what you give or buy for your friends, family or yourself this month, as long as it comes from the heart it would already make them or you feel amazing! So enjoy this month, and spread love and happiness!




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