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Couple Connect - 200 Conversation Starters and Activities - Improve Communication, Romance and Trust

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Improve Communication & Experience a stronger relationship with Couple Connect

Being single is a challenge in itself. But if you’re in a relationship, it becomes even more difficult when the magic fades away and you begin to wonder whether he or she is the right partner for you.

It's never too late to rekindle that fire of love that brought you together in the first place and make your relationship even better than it already is.

Hit refresh on your relationship and take your bond to another level with help from Couple Connect card game! Be it a question about his or her dreams, hopes, and wishes, or your thoughts on how to regain the romance, or anything else under the sun, our card game has over 200 unique conversation starters that are fun, flirty, intimate, exciting and deep enough to bring the two of you closer together. No matter who opened which card first -- or how you respond -- Couple Connect is loaded with ready-to-talk-about cards to get deeper into conversations while strengthening your bond as well.

Improve your relationship with Couple Connect, the fun and engaging card game for couples. Designed by an American Psychologist, Dr. Tania Sharma, Ph.D, CRC, the game focuses on improving communication and nurturing a healthy dynamic in the relationship through three key areas:

  • Understanding each other's perspective

  • Building trust

  • And fostering respect

Couple Connect is designed to help you strengthen your relationships with one another and gain deeper insights into what really matters to you. 


Unlike typical games that serve only as entertainment, this one is designed keeping serious, long term goals and needs of all couples in mind. This means, you will be able to use this game for as long as possible in your relationship and benefit from it like any other couple would. So instead of investing your time on things that entertain you but don't help deepen your conversations, why not play an interesting game which will also make you and your partner look at the relationship from a fresh perspective and see if there are any areas that need work?


Couple Connect is a card game for couples with easy-to-follow instructions. The strategic game helps to deepen your connection, talk about things that are difficult to talk about, and reconnect in the best way possible.

Build trust, intimacy and reignite your romance. Couple Connect is a great tool for improving communication in your relationship.



❤️ Keep the Spark Alive - Our card game for couples helps initiate deep conversations & thoughtful activities while allowing you to track your relationship progress over 90 days.
❤️ Connect on a Deeper, Meaningful Level - Strengthen your relationship by connecting with your partner on important life areas such as dreams, spirituality, love, and social life.
❤️ Backed by Science - Designed by a US-licensed psychologist, our game is based on scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness.
❤️ Show that You Care - Premium & Classy gift with luxurious outer box, ultra-premium paper, and Gold edges. It is designed to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.
❤️ Business With a Heart - We donate 10% of our income to local food banks. With every game purchased, you get to feed hungry American children!


Talking is hard, which is why so many couples avoid it. Long, awkward silences. Getting stuck in the same pattern. And no mutual support when things are tough.


Only 1 in 5 relationships is happy! What chance do you have, when you don't talk or learn to connect? If you'd like to get YOUR relationship to the next level and get things moving now…then our game is perfect for you.


Couple Connect is a game developed by a Psychologist, Dr. Tania Sharma, Ph.D, CRC. It finds the right balance between serious conversation and all-out fun. The aim of the game is to reconnect couples in a fun and easy way so they can share intimate thoughts with one another while they laugh at others' stories. 


We're not just any card game. Couple Connect is a relationship tool to help you master your connection. Start talking and build deeper connection today!



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