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About Life Sutra

Life Sutra means "Secret of good life"

We are a woman-owned, small business, as envisioned by Dr. Tania Sharma, Psychologist in 2016 that launched in 2019 with her loving husband & visionary investor Seth.

Mission: To provide practical psychoeducation to individuals, couples and families to live better, engaged, meaningful, fun and connected lives.

Vision: To develop games and tools to enhance individual, couple and family relationships and Life skills.

Values: Access to practical psychoeducation for all; fostering receptive and connected relationships

At Life Sutra, we aim to reach our diverse consumers, who may not have the time to access practical ways to implement growth-promoting psychoeducational resources, through our thoughtful and fun relationship-enhancing and educational games and tools. 

We wish to equip our consumers with experiences of growth and learning in various life areas through our games and tools. We hope that our games and tools make our consumers’ daily lives and relationships more receptive, connected, joyous, mindful, enriched and meaningful. 

We are a business with a heart and believe in paying it forward. When our consumers invest in themselves or their friends and family through purchasing our products, they also contribute towards the donations we make to local food banks for children. 

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~ Life Sutra Team