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Master the Art of Dating

Game for Singles & Young Daters who are looking for a successful dating experience. Designed by a psychologist, the game incorporates conversations with yourself and your dates around 18 Life areas in 4 dedicated decks.

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Looking for a Romantic Adventure?

Is digital noise, social media and screens impacting your relationship?

Couple Connect is designed to address many challenges that couples face when they are in a new relationship and are looking for ways to enhance compatibility, trust, love, and mindfulness in their relationship.

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Want to Re-kindle the Spark?

Do you miss the spark from your early dating days? 

Experiment with a variety of novel psychological techniques and feel your romantic moments more intensely. Learn to re-program your mind and body to enjoy positive romantic moments as "sparks

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We recently got married and I want to make sure to keep our love alive and continually communicate to learn more about each other. I love that these cards give all different types of prompts for challenges, activities, or topics of discussion. I definitely wouldn't have felt comfortable bringing these topics up outside of the prompt, so I am thankful for how bold these are! I would absolutely recommend to new couples as well as seasoned couples.


The game was so organized, and easy to play. Love the high quality of the cards. The game is so unique and fun to play. Me and my husband really enjoy reconnecting this way. We are learning so much about us and about ourselves. Really makes you think, which I love about this game! Hopefully they will add more cards in the near future.


This is my favorite couples "game" we have tried. Other couples "games" end up being more about sex moves than anything else. This was much different. While their are some which ask you to consider physical intimacy (its good), there is a wide range of other topics to help us get to know each other in new ways, even though we have been married for several years. I am considering buying this for a few friends for Christmas.


 I was a little skeptical about these cards but they are actually pretty fun. Most of not common topics and get you to think and talk deeper with your spouse then you have in years. They are very handy for conversation topics beyond the normal

JR Powell

We just can't say enough good things about the Couple Reconnect Conversation Starter Cards for Mature Couples (Married 10+ years). We each pick one per night and on weekends we do three each. We have been married over 17 years and these a bringing up topics that we never talked about. The cool thing is we are so on point. We live these and will be sad when we get through them all. We are closer in more ways than one!