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Dating Connect for Amazing Date Nights - 220 Conversation Starters and Self-Empowerment Cards

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Communication is hard when you are dating someone new. There are no relevant references to make points with the person you want to talk about.

Dates consist of talking about trivia. And then many awkward moments happen. You haven't had enough time for real self-reflection, let alone reading the other person's intentions. The buildup of anxiety forces another date on you just to get rid of an uncomfortable situation.


Dating Connect card game will help you both have fun conversations that help you learn more about each other without having to search a library or wait for a relatable sitcom episode to come out while you still sit in your living room.

❤️ MASTER THE DATING GAME - Our card game will help you across all stages of a relationship, from discovering what you want in relation to identifying red flags in initial dates all the way to committing and saying “I do”
❤️ 4 DECKS– Discover what you want with SELF-REFLECTION Deck, use ICE BREAKERS for your initial dates, proceed with EXPLORATIONS to discover each other, and use DEEPER CONNECT deck to strengthen your bond to feel confident before committing
❤️ Backed by Science - Designed by a US-licensed psychologist, our game is based on scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness.
❤️ Show that You Care - Premium & Classy gift with luxurious outer box, ultra-premium paper, and Gold edges. It is designed to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.
❤️ Business With a Heart - We donate 10% of our income to local food banks. With every game purchased, you get to feed hungry American children!




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