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Couple Reconnect - 200 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters and Activities for Mature Couples - Rekindle Spark and Romance

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 Engaging conversations and activities that can strengthen your relationship on Important Life Areas

Do you remember how you met, or why your partner is such a great catch? Couple Reconnect is a card game designed to reconnect you with your partner on a deeper, more meaningful level. Designed by an American psychologist, the game offers prompts that get you talking about dreams, spirituality, love and social life. We believe every relationship can benefit from quality time spent together and assistance in creating fun ways to grow your relationship. More than simply a game, this kit encourages couples to reconnect on deeper levels while having fun and building memories together.



It's not uncommon for partners to be disconnected from each other over the years.

You may even start to wonder if your partner is really aware of how you feel about certain things.

Improve communication and intimacy with Couple Reconnect, an exclusively designed card game for couples who have been together for 10+ years. Play with your partner and get lost in a fun conversation lead by the cards. Also, talk more about important life areas while having fun finding out what makes your relationship work.


❤️ KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE - Our card game for couples, who have been together for 10+ years, helps initiate deep conversations and fun activities while rekindling the romantic spark
❤️  RECONNECT ON A DEEPER, MEANINGFUL LEVEL - Strengthen your relationship by connecting with your partner on important life areas such as dreams, spirituality, love, and social life.
❤️ BACKED BY SCIENCE - Designed by a US-licensed psychologist, our game is based on scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness.
❤️ SHOW THAT YOU CARE - Premium & Classy gift with luxurious outer box, ultra-premium paper, and Silver edges. It is designed to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.
❤️ BUSINESS WITH A HEART - We donate 10% of our income to local food banks. With every game purchased, you get to feed hungry American children!




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