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How To Set Meaningful Goals?

How To Set Meaningful Goals?

New Year's are near and guess what comes with new years?

Other than the new year new me, we have the new year's resolutions.

And I know how difficult it is to even commit to our goals, and sometimes it’s even harder to stay in the goals you want to achieve, but the thing is there are a few things we can do to be able to commit to these goals for longer periods of time.


Well we’ve got you covered!

#1: WHAT?! WHY?!

First off, start asking yourself what kind of goals and WHY do you want to achieve them?

Get that overthinking head of yours to do that task and ask everything! I mean everything.


  • What do I gain from achieving these goals?
  • What will I miss if I won’t achieve this?
  • Why is this so important to me?

You know, things like that. But don’t go off the deep end, or you’d end up having an existential crisis (or maybe that’s just me?)

But these questions before making your own goals will definitely help you why you need to do things before you actually do things.

After you ask the why and the what and maybe even how, you start with defining those goals.


That’s right. You write them down!

Not on a dirty napkin or an old paper you’re never going to look at. I see you. But write it on your vision board or cork board or your own whiteboard if you have to, something you can check every day to remind yourself that you’ve written it down.

The art of focusing your mind on things you have to do is being able to focus on what you’re writing and how you’re going to achieve it. 

If you’re a great organizer like my best friend who writes to do lists and short term goals on a daily basis, then do that. But if you’re having trouble doing that, you can start with what to do the next day.

Don’t beat yourself down if you’re unable to commit at first, the thing with goal setting is the consistency on how you try and achieve it every single day.

You got this boo, don’t give up.

#3: REMIND ⏰🔔

On a funny note, I have these reminders on my alarm clock on my phone for every 5-30 minutes that have everything I need to do every day.

Sometimes, I miss them, sometimes I actually do. 

On some days, there will always be times when you’re not in the mood or something disrupts the flow and that is completely normal. You just have to convince yourself to keep going at it, until it becomes a habit.

Set both short and long term goals in those reminders because honestly it feels good to just cross things out once you achieve them.


I used to be a non-journaling girl, but because of COVID I had these stacks of notebooks that were like my diary, and it helped me to cross out short-term goals over the months I felt trapped in the house. 

Like when I started learning a language. (Crossed that one out) to continue learning the language.

Journaling in a way is helping you review the goals you’ve achieved, and it is like a written pep talk telling you how you can actually achieve your goals.

Also, I mean, look at those pretty designs and colors?!

You get to express yourself creatively.


Goals are always difficult to achieve, but the most difficult part there is when you’d want to start. And it’s normal not to be able to be consistent during the first duration, so don’t beat yourself up.

Start slow, and when you stumble down, try to get back up.

~Jan of Life Sutra

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