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Things Guys Find Attractive in a Girl

Things Guys Find Attractive in a Girl

It’s mainly believed that guys are attracted to girls mostly based on how they look, their physical appearance, or the way that they dress. BUT it’s not just that. There are some things that girls do that can make a guy fall - hard.


It can be the way you listen to him go on about his favorites, the gentle smile you give him when you’re just looking at him, or the way your eyes sparkle when he talks.


There was this video before where a host had asked the guest about how or when he fell in love with his wife, and he couldn’t answer, so the host had started to ask, “Was it the time she asked how your day was?” “Was it the hug from when you were tired?” “Was it the way she made you laugh when you were frustrated?” “Was it when she got in the car and smiled at you?”

It was all these little things that made him love you.


Although men can be quite as puzzling and difficult to figure out as girls, sometimes you don’t even know what they want mainly because they’re not as expressive.


So I’ve gathered up the courage to ask a few of my guy friends, and my boyfriend what are things girls do that they love, and though it’s not generalized since other guys also have their own preferences, these are a few common traits that girls do (consciously and/or unconsciously) that they like.


1: Doing the first move


Not a lot of girls would do this.


It’s not because we’re shy (well that may be one of the reasons for some girls), BUT girls are also afraid of getting rejected.


Weird? Nah, it’s totally normal.


Although there were studies that stated that are only about 1 out of 10 girls who would actually send the message first. 


Yes, it’s that rare, but it definitely isn't impossible.


I mean, I made the first move on my boyfriend when I met him on a dating app.


He was just completely shocked because I was the first girl who messaged him. Ever. Although, it was only a "hola" as my introductory message, the fact that I messaged him first already caught his attention. 


And it wasn't only him who said that, even a few of my guy friends have the same thought.


As stated by a guy friend of mine, in verbatim, “it is rare, since usually as men we tend to initiate so it is a turn on and/or that they are attractive if the girl makes the first move.”


Girls seem to look headstrong, and confident when they message first, which is why some guys would definitely find the girl doing the first move attractive.


2: Makes the effort to stay connected



"Hey! How are you?"

"Good, u?"

"Good too."

- End of conversation -


Imagine having the same conversation with someone who doesn't even show signs of wanting to talk to you. 


I mean, who would want to talk to someone who barely keeps the conversation going?


I've seen so many memes about how someone eventually messaged the other person how burdened they are for carrying the conversation.


And no one definitely wants someone who ghosts you for a few days and messages you back when they're feeling it. It makes you feel like you’re just an option to them.


Why? Because we're in a generation where we are always ALWAYS checking our phones. So it's quite impossible for someone to not message for days on end because they were "busy." I mean even the busiest people reply when you're important because it only takes what? Like 2-5 minutes to tell them you could talk to them later or what you're doing.


At the end of the day, you could even catch up and talk about what went on today or even talk about what interests you or make time to ask them how they’re doing. 

3: Be confident and be yourself!

Oftentimes, I’ve got to admit, when I’m dating someone I become this girl that fits the type of person the guy I’m dating likes, and sometimes you just forget who you are.

I’m not sure if this also happened to other girls but it is a little difficult to avoid.

But the thing is, guys like it when the girl they’re dating, seeing, or crushing on is confident and herself. You know the kind where they don’t have to fit in the crowd or the type where they’d change their whole personality to fit their type. Trust me, I’m weird, and my guy friends and boyfriend love that I’m weird.

We don’t always have to be the ideal type of girl for the guy we currently like, because there will always be that one guy who will love you for being you. So be yourself, be as weird as you can be.

4: Compliments


Guys rarely receive compliments, and when they do, they're just head over heels.

You’d probably think that this just sounds silly, but even when men are labeled to have hyper-masculine stereotypes, they do love hearing compliments.

Don’t believe me?

I mean, if I was given a compliment by a really pretty girl about my outfit for the day I would be all giddy. That's pretty much how a guy feels, BUT they don't show it at all, and that compliment would be on their mind the whole day.

5: Being decisive  




Girls are well–known to be indecisive when choosing a place to eat, or an outfit to wear, or often even debating whether to go out or not.

And I’m pretty sure you’re familiar, or maybe even have seen the memes or even videos about when guys ask their girlfriends what or where they want to eat or even how some guys have figured out the key to finding out instead of playing guessing games with their girlfriends.

It can get so confusing, mainly because girls have these so-called cravings which make it difficult even for us to decide on what we want to eat, oftentimes we just want to munch on something. Kind of like when you want something sweet in the middle of the night or getting hungry after watching a mukbang on YouTube.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t only happen during that time of the month.

Although, ladies, guys definitely like it when we make up our minds. As per my guy friends, and my boyfriend, it’s a little easier and would be less frustrating for them to know that you already decided on something and on what we want.


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