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Things Not to Do When You Like Someone

Things Not to Do When You Like Someone

When we start liking someone, we start being more aware and conscious about the things that we do or what we say.

And sometimes we kind of act a little weird. You know, the kind of not weird where we start making a fool of ourselves.

As much as we want to repress the memories of those times when we acted completely weird around the people we like, we can’t. Which is why I’ve made a list (at least the 5 weirdest things I’ve done that would most likely help people not make the same mistakes I did, because I really can’t embarrass myself anymore so I apologize for not going into detail).

#1: Never move too fast!

Because of this fast-paced world, we tend to immediately want results which is why when we meet someone, we automatically want things to flow faster than taking time to get to know each other.

I mean, that’s probably why there have been a lot of breakups and divorces in the past few months or even years. 

We have this tendency where when we like someone, we automatically believe that they possess the same feelings as we have for them, which is why we fall flat in our expectations and get frustrated.

I’ve had a friend who told me that this generation has the kind of relationships that are a “one quick deal.” You know kind of like this:

Step 1: Find (Find a partner) 

Step 2: Talk (Talk to them, during the honeymoon phase)

Step 3: Deal (Be attached, or be dependent on them and be with them without getting to know them longer)

As much as these methods are often proven effective, it, unfortunately, does not work for everyone.  So as much as you want it to keep leveling up to the next step, you have to take it slow. Not the kind of relationships like Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler that was painstakingly slow and only held hands after around 2-3 years.

#2: Don’t always make everything sexual

With the golden age of dating apps, plus the pandemic, it has become provident that we find partners on dating websites than meeting someone in public and asking them out, which is considered to be creepy now (I think).

And even with that, most people are just too sensual online that there are no deep conversations or connections (Well, there are still some. You know, the diamond in the rock kind of thing).

I mean, I’ve met my boyfriend on tinder, and honestly, I was lucky. Why? Because while everyone was sending me nude pictures, and uncanny messages, we were actually able to talk and be connected. His intentions were different of other people, and it really showed with the way he messaged.

#3: Don’t talk over them

I’m not entirely sure if you relate with me on this, but I used to have this ex-boyfriend who would say something as if his situation was better than mine. Like when Amy Farrah Fowler told Sheldon Cooper about her new lab equipment, he told her that he also had new equipment and showed his pen marker that was fruit scented. 

Don’t be like this.

Be an active listener, and wait for your turn to share your news. In a world where everyone always has something to say, be the person to actually listen. 

Listen to how long their day has been, how frustrating the traffic was, or even how they talk about their favorite things.

#4: Don’t talk about other people you’re talking to with them

Although, as much as we want to know that we’re the only one they’re talking to, it honestly is not possible.

It’s just a huge turn-off when you’re talking about the other people you’re talking to, to the person you like. You don’t know, maybe they like you too.

You know, in that what-if scenario where its the other way around, and they would talk about the people they’re talking to, to you, wouldn’t it make you lose interest? I know I would.

#5: Don’t make them your “booty call”

By all means, do not do this.

Unless that was both your intention, then it would be fine, but if the intention she or he has is genuine. You know, the kind of genuine where you’d want to get to know each other and hang out in a nonsexual way, and just date you.

We’re making booty calls more common than actual relationships recently, and because of that, some people have started to lose interest and/or hope that they would be able to meet someone.

#6: Don’t act like someone else

Last but not least, be yourself. 

You don’t have to act all high and mighty because they might “like you better.” The right person would come along, and the right person would like how weird you can be and wouldn’t even want to change you.

My ex boyfriend used to act like his older brother when I first met him because he thought his older brother was “cool” and that I’d like that better than how he actually was, turns out I loved how goofy he was.

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