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What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed

What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed

The world we live in today is so demanding and fast-paced that we sometimes feel overwhelmed, helpless, or even hopeless. Being stressed and overwhelmed 

There are many situations that can cause you to feel overwhelmed. In most cases, this occurs when the amount of stress in a situation just becomes too much for us to handle. In these cases, we try to experiment with things that help us calm down, and figure out what to do ne

But what if you’ve done that and still feel overwhelmed and maybe more hopeless? 

Another added dilemma.

Although, there can be a lot going on in our minds to make you feel everything all at once. Maybe you have to finish an important task for work or school or have been pressured to succeed in something, or even if you're waiting for that dreadful "you're accepted" or "unfortunately, we have to reject you" email or call. 

I mean, it is difficult to find ways to “fix” our anxious feelings and like anything, it doesn’t go away in a snap of a finger, but it does help us face these feelings slowly and easily.

Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to share a few steps you can do to calm yourself down.


Yeah, I didn’t mean to be that aggressive.

But I did grab your attention, didn’t I? Hehe

Breathing isn’t just inhalation and exhalation, it’s also meditation – I’m definitely talking about “Om” 

Now, there are a few breathing exercises you can do when you start feeling as if your heart is in your throat, or maybe pounding out loud.

Here’s a technique I was introduced to. Even when your environment is beyond noisy, try to focus on your breathing.

It miraculously drowns out the background; all you can hear is your thoughts, your breathing, and maybe a little white noise. You can count up to 10 and don’t feel frustrated when you start overthinking, you just let those thoughts slide away and focus back on your breathing.

Deep breathing exercises and meditation are actually great ways to improve relaxation and lower feelings of panic.


As easy as that sounds, especially when you’re a person who self-loathes or doubts everything you do, it is utterly difficult to be kind to yourself when you’re stuck in that state.

But the feeling of being overwhelmed is okay. It’s normal to feel that way, but you must tell yourself that this feeling is passing. It’s temporary. 

You won’t be stuck in the same emotion forever.

Being overwhelmed means that you’re in the present, that you’re alive.

So cut yourself some slack, and appreciate the things you’ve done and the things that you’re proud of.


I know that if we do this in public, people might see us as someone crazy, nevertheless, screaming does help with being overwhelmed. It releases the overwhelmed energy out of us and actually gives us a bit of relief.

I mean, we’ve seen movies about those people screaming their lungs out when they’re angry or even frustrated. Like how in the Netflix series “do revenge,” Eleanor told Drea to scream in the car while driving home, as it is known to help when you’re frustrated, or angry.


It’s understandable that it can get difficult to write out our thoughts and feelings when we’re overwhelmed, BUT the thing is, you don’t have to organize what you want to write about. You can write everything at random.

At different fonts, different sizes even. 

Honestly, to me, doing this helps me look back at those times when I felt completely helpless and thought that it was the end. It helped me remember the times I had cried, gripped the pen, and pushed on the paper with whatever feeling I felt.


Whether it be sleeping, watching a film, or even walking around, do what you want to do.

Overwhelming is actually mentally and physically exhausting that it can completely drain us to see anything other than the situation that’s making us overwhelmed. So don’t punish yourself for getting a good night’s rest or even a good nap, or having to enjoy the things you want to enjoy because as human as we are we need time to rest and relax despite being overwhelmed.

So we can actually see that there’s more to life than the situation that’s making us feel overwhelmed.

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